How Canada Helps Its Dairy Farmers (And Why Trump Hates It)

How Canada Helps Its Dairy Farmers (And Why Trump Hates It)

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How Canada Helps Its Dairy Farmers (And Why Trump Hates It)
wow so it really is just vegan propaganda when they claim since the US dairy farms are going under everyone is gonna switch to soy lol
As a Canadian, screw our corrupt dairy cartel and market that have no competition.
The Dairy Industry is classed as a Sunset one.
It is unfortunate that so many hard working family farms are going under and will continue to do so as more and more consumers realize that they have been sold a lie about the so called health benefits of Dairy products all these years.
The cruelty aspect is also another nail in the coffin.
There need to be Governmental strategies in place to transition more and more producers to pursue other livelihoods.
However the Dairy Industry is so connected and powerful that it will no doubt fight every attempt to reduce its influence - until it may be too late.
Its like y’all forget milk is also cheese, and cheese can be stored for decades, right?

Keep dumping that milk out you idiots
Why is this part of the heading, “And why Trumps hates it”. That is entirely misleading
If we have so much why is it almost 4 dls a gallon?
I will let you guys in on a point to ponder when the Capitalistic preachers repeat their first commandment.

" Dont like the capitalist system? Why dont you go live in Russia or China than."

Free Capitalism today has reached porportions where unchecked it is a disease. Any moves to keep it in check will be met by these capitalistic trolls with commandments like the above.

Open your borders Canada, let the rivers of milk flood in.

What will happen next is as follows..

1. Your local industry will die out. Out competed and lost to a better system they will say.

2. The American companies will either raise more money from the markets and expand their business to a larger unsusumtainable level in the name of growth and expansion. They will flood the market and start buying out the smaller dying companies and at the end only 2 or 3 monopolies are left. Than the price will start sky rocketing because the need to maintain the company that sprawls over a continent needs to maintain its supply chain.

Or the opposite, they will all move to Canada from America and flood american markets with milk, and rural america will wake up and wonder what happened to the millions of farming and diary industry jobs.

3. After all the above is done, they will be complaining of tarrifs and protected markets of the EU and be dumping half their production into the drai s ajd rivers due to oversupply. Back to square 1.

Over and over until every rural community, until every small business, until every local industry is squeezed out dry, ruined and destroyed all so that corporate shareholders enjoy a stiffy looking at constant quarterly profits and sharemarket hitting neqer highs.

This is the new canibalistic capitalism.
Its just as bad as communism.

Keep preaching about the ills of communism while ignoring the middle class thats going extinct.
My family raised milk goats until our farm was foreclosed on, in the 1990's. Goat's milk here in the States is selling at premium prices. I am almost contemplating getting back into it. Last time I was in Ontario, all cow's milk was being sold in plastic bags. I have never seen milk sold this way in the States, but it's a good idea.
I don’t want American dairy, full of growth hormone and antibiotics.
American's don't drink milk, just soda pop and energy drinks.
trump again, only make trouble no productivity
WOW! CNBC is promoting our Canadian system of communist dairy and poultry production. Consumers hate this communist system here. Did Communists take over CNBC??????? As a Canadian, I can tell you not to listen to this communist propaganda.
at $7 dollars for 4 liters of milk in New Brunswick there should be a police investigation into that kind of price fixing.
Somehow Canada always wins.
Milk is matter where it comes from, you can drink all the puss and blood it contains. I'm no baby cow either so not for me even if I liked it!
The US has walfare cheese
I paid $3.79 for 2l of chocolate milk today
1 gallon of white mile at my friend's super wal mart, she can get 1 US gallon for $0.49
I've been a farmer here in South Florida for 27 years and the last three years has been the greatest years of my life thank you President Trump #trump2020
CNBC is fake news.
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